1. Day
    Noteherder and I'm Dr Buoyant

  2. numbers

  3. Washing Up Time

  4. Elliptical Orbits 2

  5. Not just for Christmas

  6. Works From Home 2: Rhizomes
    Andrew Greaves

  7. Film soundtracks

  8. Laurie's Revenge
    Noteherder & McCloud

  9. Volume Four (live)

  10. The Spirit of Gravity

  11. Works from home
    Andrew Greaves

  12. Elliptical orbits

  13. Memori Yobidashi
    Memori Yobidashi

  14. Tiniest Glimpse
    Neural Outage

  15. The hardrive cessation termination - Shitmat remixed

  16. The Floating Museum
    Noteherder / I’m Dr Buoyant

  17. The Spirit of Gravity volume 2

  18. The Spirit of Gravity

  19. The Stars Unfixed

  20. minimal effort

  21. Futures from the past EP

  22. Man-tra EP

  23. Three Parade Reductions
    Hardworking Families

  24. TRA 2
    TRA 2

  25. Clarity of Vision
    Noteherder & McCloud

  26. shraddha

  27. It just evaporated, so I'm trying to re-conjure it

  28. Behind the shutters

  29. Distant Sounds

  30. 40 Windows
    Change & Stasis

  31. The Book of Melancholia
    Mi Cosa De Resistance & The Melancholic Ladies Orchestra

  32. Halftone
    Andrew Greaves

  33. A Symphony of Bones
    Not By Radium

  34. Music from Airports: Vol 3ª Krakow Airport.
    My Cosa de Resistance/My thing de Resistance

  35. 6
    minimal impact

  36. Fort Processes ep

  37. A66 ep

  38. Dark Looper
    I’m Dr Buoyant

  39. Entartete!
    Andrew Greaves

  40. Metas Senvestan

  41. Octabeast Ethiopian Dervish
    Andrew Greaves

  42. From ledge to ledge
    Noteherder & McCloud

  43. Music of Benares in Brighton
    Music of Benares

  44. I'm Dr Buoyant Plays Ron Caines
    I'm Dr Buoyant

  45. Rothko Veil
    Caines & Eldridge

  46. After thought
    Annie Kerr & Gus Garside

  47. Recent Observations
    Noteherder & McCloud

  48. Biography of an exile 7" single
    I’m Dr Buoyant and Ron Caines

  49. Processes of uncertainty
    I'm Dr Buoyant and Ron Caines

  50. Then as it was, then again it will be
    Henry Collins

  51. Octabeast
    Andrew Greaves

  52. The Tunnel Tracks ep
    Four Heads

  53. Sitar For Concrete Dawns
    Same Actor

  54. Missed Openings
    Noteherder & McCloud

  55. seventy five sounds
    Dan Powell

  56. Electrocreche - Casiopia

  57. Earsthetic compilation


Spirit of Gravity Brighton, UK

Live electronic and experimental music, monthly.

Background photo: Jo Bramli playing Live at OXJAM Safehouse / Spirit of Gravity / Beatabet all dayer, The Rose Hill, Brighton, 15.10.2016
by Agata Urbaniak

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